I make ads. Build brands. Shape products. Lead teams. And collaborate with clients. Currently, I'm freelancing from San Francisco and can travel. My availability is listed on Working Not Working. Full time is possible — specifically writing TV or video at an agency. You can reach me anytime at 415-265-0872 or gabe@justgabriel.com


I do some other stuff too


Olympic Village (screenplay) When Trump threatens to defund USA Gymnastics over his new “No-loser Policy,” the ragtag men's team has to Russia to take gold at the 2020 Tokyo games and save the program — despite the wild antics of their star athlete.

Thumbtack TV Spot (acting) When I left FT to freelance I did a bunch of improv at Endgames (SF) and Groundlings (LA). That led to my first acting gig.


Groundhog Day. (work event) I joined the committee for work culture at Digitas. Each member of the committee had to plan a different holiday. I chose Groundhog Day and produced a pageant about my favorite holiday and a Bill Murray look-a-like contest as part of the festivities.

I'm Feeling Sad. (rap song) This one's off the follow up to 12" single to the first EP we recorded. It features Yinka as a guest MC. As always, I co-produced the track with Peter Gunn.


Miranda July. For some reason I asked Miranda July to write on me. She obliged.

Gratitude in Action (a talk) David Keefe and I have emailed each other 10 things we're grateful for everyday for over 10 years. We put together a talk for the 2017 500 Voices event at Bentley College to share our story.

@SunnyvaleBoyz (Instagram project/staff photos) I learned a lot in my one year at Apple. I also so a lot of hot cars. I thought it would be fun to pose in front of them with my coworkers from Kettle and post the photos on Instagram. And it was.

Dracula Queen. (rap song) I've loved hip hop all my life and spent years recording songs with friends. This is off an EP we did as The Def OS.


Photo Series (BSSP Staff Photos) The office was redesigned halfway through my time at BSSP and they wanted images for the picture frames they mounted on each row of desks. I put this project together as the debut photo series. Ryan Graff helped take the photos and I built the box that each row crammed into.

Lucky Lotto. (art series) After I went to art school, I pursued visual art for several years. This is a body of work I made during that time. Parts of it were shown at the Barbara Krakow Gallery and Sampson Projects, in Boston.